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Commercial & Residential Real Estate

Using A Real Estate Attorney-
Residential -

A lawyer can help you through the home buying process by preparing or reviewing the purchase contract, advising you about financing and title insurance, answering your legal and tax questions, and arranging for the documents necessary to complete the purchase. When you first visit a lawyer, you can ask for an estimate of legal fees and closing costs.

You should consult a lawyer before you sign a contract to buy a home. Although a printed form may be used for the purchase contract, your lawyer can make changes that protect you. For example, a change in the form may give you the right to cancel the purchase (and get a refund of your deposit) if you obtain an unsatisfactory inspection report.

Commercial -

A Business today needs a savvy legal team that thoroughly understands the intricacies of commercial real estate law in New York. Heilig Branigan LLP provides their clients assistance with protecting their interests in all commercial real estate matters. Our experience in negotiating, structuring, and implementing all facets of real property development and acquisition when completing a commercial real estate project for our small and medium-sized business clients provides the highest quality of service while keeping you informed & updated every step of the way.


  • Real estate purchase and sale agreements

  • Commercial leasing

  • Real estate financing

  • Property rights

  • Compliance with zoning restrictions and environmental law

  • Title insurance claims and disputes

  • Loan workouts and restructuring


Heilig Branigan LLP will represent you in all aspects of a real estate closing. We work with clients and realtors to draft and review contracts and amendments.

Our attorneys are available outside of regular business hours to cater to your schedule. We coordinate with mortgage lenders to ensure that loan commitment dates are met and title searches are completed early in the process so that title issues can be resolved prior to closing. At the closing, we take the time to explain all costs involved in the transaction and the legal significance of the deed, the loan documents, and title insurance.

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