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Landlord Tennant

Legal Representation For Landlord-Tenant Disputes And More

New York state laws and local ordinances regarding landlord and tenant rights and responsibilities are always evolving. Property owners who need to draft and enforce leases, as well as tenants who face disputes, benefit from obtaining experienced legal counsel before taking action.

Expeditious Legal Services For Landlords

The experienced real estate lawyers at Heilig Branigan LLP, understand that timing is critical in landlord-tenant matters, and they aim to provide effective legal counsel and quick results to landlords.

Services the firm provides to landlords include:

  • Drafting, reviewing and revising lease agreements

  • Eviction of problematic tenants, including holdover tenants in violation of a lease agreement

  • Legal counsel regarding nonpayment of rent, which may lead to eviction and/or rent collection actions

  • General counsel regarding real estate law and/or landlord risk management

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