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Matrimonial Law

Our matrimonial and family law attorneys and support staff understand the emotional stress and concerns faced when family issues arise and provide personal attention and skilled services to obtain the best possible result.

We maintain regular communication with our clients, provide to them a copy of any document we generate or receive and our attorneys have a reputation for problem-solving in cases in an effort to reduce the potentially high emotional and financial costs that a lengthy, litigated matter may entail . As a result, a concerted effort is made with every case to achieve a positive result through agreement; although sometimes that agreement cannot be achieved initially at least without some form of court intervention, if not a trial or appeal. 


Our matrimonial and family law team is willing to spend time with our clients to discuss their various options and strategies in their case.  Given the variety of  practice areas of our firm, we are equipped to provide continuity of service when there may be an overlap in practice areas, such as when a matrimonial client is charged with a crime, or if there are issues relative to personal injury actions, estate planning or real estate that pertain to a family law issue. We can assist clients through traditional representation including litigation through trial if necessary and we also offer alternative dispute resolution which is strictly focused on out of court settlements through mediation and collaborative law. 

Regardless of the issues, we strive to develop working relationships with our clients based on consistent and honest communication which we have found results in productive attorney-client relationships and excellent results.

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