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Land Use & Zoning

Heilig Branigan, LLP is your local law firm that assists with:

  • Changes of Zone,

  • Zoning Board approvals,

  • Planning Board approvals,

  • Subdivisions,

  • Easements,

  • Covenants and Restrictions,

  • Building Permits, and

  • Code Violations.

    The firm’s professional experience with multiple town boards, zoning boards, planning boards, building departments, county departments, and state offices coupled with the attorneys’ history of advocacy as former prosecutors creates a powerful force for advancing property owners’ visions.

Whether it be for:

  1. Businesses:


Is the new start-up business that you are creating in an “as-of-right?” Zone?

Does the site plan comply with the municipalities comprehensive plan?

Do you need a parking variance?


  2. Home owners:


Does the house you want to build comply with the local zoning code? 

Is your proposed deck within a set-back?  

Do you need a building permit for your renovations? Shed? 

Where can you build a pool on your property?

Whether or not you are considering improving your property, or you have been contacted by a municipality for a code violation, Heilig Branigan, LLP is the place to start. All of these questions require proper research and guidance.  Heilig Branigan, LLP can help answer these questions for you and assist you with taking the next steps with variances, building permits, code compliance, and all required agency approvals.   

Glass Buildings
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